Barbados Kite Surfing At Silver Sands With A Go Camera

These days you can’t go anywhere without a camera tracking your every move. Usually that’s not such a good thing, but when it comes to surfing there is nothing cooler then mounting one of those “Go Cameras” on the tip of your surfboard and riding the waves!

Check out some spectacular footage from expert kite surfer Miguel Correia da Silva at Barbados Silver Sands Beach.

Music by Kid Nepro. ©1984-2013 Kid Nepro Productions. All rights reserved.

Barbados Kite Surfing At Long Beach & Silver Sands

Every year just before Christmas the skies of Barbados are filled with multi colored kites that signal the surfers have arrived! Between December and April the trade winds pick up and surfers from all over the world come to Barbados to take advantage of our beautiful climate and beaches.

The Gemini House Bed & Breakfast sits right between two of the very best beaches for wind and kitesurfing on the island; “Long Beach” and “Silver Sands Beach”. Close enough to the action of Silver Sands where you can be there within a few minutes, but far enough away so if you want a quiet, relaxed vacation you can chill out and the end of the day. With only three guest rooms you can be assured that it will never be too noisy or crowded at Gemini House Bed & Breakfast!

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Watchin The Clouds In Barbados

I’ve just finished producing a video to promote my latest set of sounds and wanted to share it with the local community. It’s titled “Watchin The Clouds” and features many scenic shots from around the island . Cloud watching can be a lot of fun here in Barbados since the sky is never the same on any given day. Barbados is one of those places that many artists and photographers are attracted to for that very reason. As I have found out, It’s a great place to be creative. Enjoy!