Watchin The Clouds In Barbados

I’ve just finished producing a video to promote my latest set of sounds and wanted to share it with the local community. It’s titled “Watchin The Clouds” and features many scenic shots from around the island . Cloud watching can be a lot of fun here in Barbados since the sky is never the same on any given day. Barbados is one of those places that many artists and photographers are attracted to for that very reason. As I have found out, It’s a great place to be creative. Enjoy!

Rihanna Super Bowl Bash Sweepstakes


As everyone back home in Barbados knows – Rihanna is everywhere. We are all very proud of her success and wish her the best. I just wish that whoever is handling her wardrobe would have told her to put on some clothes for her presidential inauguration gig the other night. As we musicians know, there are many different kinds of gigs – some require more clothes then others!

Anyway, Rihanna’s latest venture with the Def Jam money making machine has got her as part of the “Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Bash Sweepstakes”, where when you join Rihanna’s Fan Club you get a chance to win an autographed NFL Superbowl Jersey and official Football. What will they think of next?

I don’t quite know if I like this idea or not. It’s seems like just another commercial exploitation. However, since I’m a big American football and Rihanna fan – well it no longer seems like such a bad idea! I wonder how much they make off something like that – and how much she receives? Bottom line is that this wave of success of Rihanna is on is surely going to come to and end one of these days and I hope that she come out of it OK. 

Watch out girl – the sharks are everywhere.

Welcome to the Barbados Business & Entertainment Blog

Welcome To Barbados Business & Entertainment Central – a new part of the web site. The goal of our new blog is to become the center for everything happening in the Barbados business and entertainment communities. A place where you can easily find everything that’s going on in the Barbados business and entertainment worlds in one spot. 

As Bajans know, Barbados is filled with many talented entrepreneurs who are running their own small businesses. It’s a very important part of our economy. We at E-Barbados want to do all we can to support our local merchants during these challenging economic times. Now local business owners can promote their business or service at our classified section or at our blog. Just send us your promo or announcements and we will post it online for all the world to see. Having a sale? Expanding your business and need to hire someone? Let us know about it and within a few hours thousands of people in Barbados will also know. The word spreads fast online.

We also think it’s very important to support the Barbados music and art communities – of which I am a part of. There are thousands of talented undiscovered musicians and artists all across Barbados. Want to be the next Rihanna? Tell the world about your talents! Send us your announcements and promos for your art show, music concert or new cd & youtube video release and we will be happy to put it online for you – all for FREE! 

Send your announcements to us at: and help us build a new community online. Thanks for stopping by! We welcome your questions or comments.